Learning How to Make Turkish Coffee

When you visit a Kosovar home you will be served Turkish coffee or “Kaffe Turk”.  You will be asked if you like it “të ëmblë ose e mesme” meaning sweet or medium. Then there will be a tiny cup of smooth creamy Kafe Turk made individually for each guest according to their taste. It has a flavor all it’s own.

· Fill your Turkish coffee cup with water and then put that amount in the small pot over a medium flame.  Add 3/4tsp of  coffee and stir. For sweet coffee add 1 tsp of sugar.  For   regular add 1/2 tsp  sugar. Stir.
· Bring to a boil (it won’t bubble but a foam will rise to the top of the pot)  Try not to let it boil over but if you do the people here say that “Joy will be coming into your life.”
· Take off the fire and stir.  Bring to a boil a  second time and then pour into the coffee cup slowly.
· Don’t drink immediately because the grounds need to settle to the bottom of the cup.  This is the time to sit and chat with your friend.
· Sip your coffee and enjoy.  Leave the last thick bit in the cup as that is the grounds.

You can also make it with milk for a creamier taste.  To make hot chocolate substitute the water for milk and put equal amounts (1/2 tsp of  unsweetened chocolate and sugar in the small pot and follow the rest of the steps as above.


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