Medical Outreach

   “Jen come. There are police at the door.” Those are words you pretty much hope never to hear.  Last Friday we hosted a medical outreach at our center.  Some friends had two doctor’s and a physical        therapist come to Kosovo and they brought them to us for one day.  Most over the people who were helped were the Mercy Project’s families but there were other’s who heard about it from word of mouth.  Two police men were some of them.  I heard later that they told Urim, our pastor, “Even though we are    policemen we need help too.”  They were able to both see a doctor and the physical therapist.  One of the police men was surprised to find that we were a church and was very open and interested.  Urim sent him home with some small booklets and we are    hoping to see him at one of our meetings sometime. 
It was a blessing that our friend’s loaned us this team because beyond the  physical help it allowed us to make more connections in the community that would not otherwise have happened. A girl and her Mom from the local copy shop came by got some help. 
One of our young men from church had suffered for back pain for six years from falling from a one story building.  He was amazed that after one visit with   Larry the Physical therapist that he has no more pain now.  Larry himself was an honor to work with as he is still serving God and traveling even at 80 years old. Thank you all who prayed for this outreach.  It was very fruitful.  If any of you reading this are in the medical field, even optometry, and would like to be part of a future medical team please let me know. 

This MP family came on Friday. The Mom , Pranvera, got help for her back but
unfortunately we had no one to help with their eye problems.  Their uncles and father is blind and three of the four girls also have eye problems that will most likely lead to blindness


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